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Do Women Really Hit Their Sexual Prime in their 30’s?

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For a young male in his early twenties, the appeal of an older woman is anything but ordinary. Chances are he has heard the erogenous locker room stories of just how sexually delicious a woman is when she hits her …

12 Guys on How Having Sex Changed In Their 30s

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“I used to have sex or masturbate twice a day. Now it’s more typically once.”

1. “I’d say things definitely slow down. It’s not like I turned 30 and suddenly stopped having sex. But I get… I don’t know, busy, …

15 Reasons Why Your Sex Life In Your 30s Is Nothing Like How It Was In Your 20s

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A lot of things change as we get older, and the most substantial changes in our lives occur when we go from being twenty-somethings to thirty-somethings.

By this point, you will have hopefully gone from being a struggling student or …

Sex In Your 30s

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Six Surprising Ways Your Bedroom Life Changes In Your 30s, Revealed

We get it, the big 3-0 feels a little daunting. Not only are you likely a third of the way through your life (yikes) — but it’s a time …

How to choose men’s sex toys for awesome orgasm

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One of the most popular sex toys for men is an artificial vagina. This product imitates the female genitals by its shape. Using the vagina is quite simple and comfortable, especially if the toy is additionally equipped with